What is Transmedia?

What is Transmedia Storytelling?

Fundamentally "Transmedia" is multichannel, multimedia storytelling that heightens the audience's engagement, understanding, involvement and enjoyment of an Intellectual Property (IP) or brand. Each piece of transmedia content should function as a standalone experience that conveys the essence of the brand vision, tailor-made for the medium, while also offering meaningful interconnection and expansion to the IP's overall 'canon' (i.e. the greater brand fiction).

Transmedia Production uses many storytelling tools – including digital media, games, video, television, theatrical, print, social, mobile and a whole host of other new and evolving platforms (e.g. VR). The end goal is to delight and engage your core audience to the greatest degree possible.

As Transmedia production models becomes more central to the ways that the entertainment industry operates, the result has been some dramatic shifts within production culture, changes in the ways labor gets organized, how productions get financed and distributed, in the relations between media industries, and in the locations from which creative decisions are made.

In this era audience members are also invited to voice their opinions, even dialog with the creative talent. In more advanced incarnations, audience members may even interact with the characters themselves, through use of Web-based avatars, video games, social media or alternate reality experiences. This generates a fiercely attentive and vociferous self-organized following known as a "fan base."